Versamet is a returns-focused metals royalty company generating superior risk-adjusted returns by thoughtfully and creatively investing in metals royalties, streams and similar interests. We take an asset management-like approach to portfolio construction and diversification to further improve our risk-adjusted returns. Our existing portfolio is differentiated by its growth and cash flow with annual revenues of over US$10 million expected in 2024 and over US$30 million expected in 2026. We will continue to complement our existing portfolio through acquisitions with a focus on growing our scale, near-term cash flow, optionality and per share metrics with support from a strong stable of sponsors.

Peer-leading growth and cash flow generation

Attributable Revenue (US$M)1

1. Projections based on internal model using consensus commodity price forecasts 

Versamet Shareholders

A partnership of industry leaders

1. Assumes issuance of 153.2 million shares to B2Gold in total, of which 122.0 million have been issued as of June 5, 2024 and a further 31.2 million are anticipated to be issued subject to certain pre-emptive rights not being exercised. See slide 18 for details.

Our strategic priorities for unlocking value

Organic growth from current portfolio

Accretive acquisitions of royalties and streaming agreements

Consolidation with the right partners

Balance sheet flexibility including senior credit facility to facilitate acquisitions

Enhanced market profile including public listing, analyst coverage, expanded shareholder base


Diversified portfolio of existing royalties

Significant existing mineral resource inventory includes gold, silver, copper, zinc, graphite, and uranium in mining-friendly jurisdictions.

Attractive commodity exposure

A natural inflation and geopolitical hedge with diversified commodity, country and asset-specific risk.

Quality sponsorship aligned for success

Founding shareholders are industry leaders with ability to support deal flow, technical diligence and access to capital.

High-margin, scalable model

Building scale through high-margin royalty acquisitions with a focus on cash flow, optionality and diversification.

An aggressive corporate development strategy is underway to grow Sandbox’s asset base

Near-term Acquisition Criteria

  • Cash-flowing or near-term production with fixed near-term payments, where feasible
  • Accretive on a per-share basis with estimated IRR commensurate with risk profile
  • Financially viable operations in mining-friendly jurisdictions with strong operators
  • Optionality through exploration and expansion
  • Adherence to sustainable mining principles assessing all components of ESG

Investor Presentation

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Market Information

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